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I took me time and effort to understand that it is not enough to have a dream or to be inspired. My golden phrase is that the right path - is the one which works. Yet for things to work - we need tools. In order to make sure that as many people as possible [...]



Part of my journey in inspiring as many people to be themselves and live doing what they really care about is by showing an example of doing it on my own - documenting as I am working towards this goal and also introducing the tools I use to achieve it. Yet I am not the [...]



As a teenager, while I had my unique idea of one day becoming a martial arts instructor, I was wishing for someone to tell me that it's possible. That as long as I put in the hard work, I can achieve my dreams. Up till today I remember a few times when people with [...]



While Aikido claims to be an effective form of self defense - after devoting more than a decade to it I realized it was not true. Yet many practitioners still believe this dangerous, unrealistic myth. In order to show the truth to the world - I decided to risk my own reputation as a [...]



When I was finishing high school, in my country Lithuania there was no question if you wanted to study. You had to study. It took me a lot of courage to not give into the pressure and to decide to move to Switzerland and become a live-in Aikido, Yoga and meditation student. After three [...]