Project Description

While Aikido claims to be an effective form of self defense – after devoting more than a decade to it I realized it was not true. Yet many practitioners still believe this dangerous, unrealistic myth.

In order to show the truth to the world – I decided to risk my own reputation as a professional martial artist by filming a video where I spar with an MMA fighter, where I am incapable of defending using my Aikido.

The video went viral and gained the respect of many martial artists across the globe, as they perceived it as a courageous and noble thing to do. The video now has close to 3 million views. Yet many Aikido practitioners still believe the myth.

In order to wake up as many people to the reality, I continued to explore this subject, traveling across the globe, training with some of the best martial artists and documenting my martial arts journey of seeking truth to inspire others to do the same.

The effort has received global recognition as the YouTube channel now has over 100.000 subscribers. But the phase of my martial arts journey is now finished and I am ready to devote the skills I learned as a YouTuber to a new goal.