Project Description

As I realized that my greatest goal in life is to inspire as many people as possible to be themselves and to live doing what they really care about, I also understood that I won’t be able to do it without taking unique action.

It is too common for people to try to be like everyone else. To dress like others, talk like others, make similar decisions – to not stand out. Yet in our hearts – there is a greater desire to be as we truly wish to be. To find our own unique voice, expression and to live as a full embodiment of it.

The best way to inspire change – is to lead by example. Thus I decided to reinvent myself from inside-out. As my first step, I created an outfit which I envisioned since my childhood days – as my ideal self. This outfit is meant to remind myself and others of the importance of being your own unique expression, instead of a copy of other people – as long as it does not create any harm.

But of course, since it is not how we look, but what we do that defines us – this is not my only step.