Project Description

As a teenager, while I had my unique idea of one day becoming a martial arts instructor, I was wishing for someone to tell me that it’s possible. That as long as I put in the hard work, I can achieve my dreams.

Up till today I remember a few times when people with success stories came to my school to share their story. Years later I realized how much impact it had on me in building self confidence and belief that – I can achieve my goals too. That it’s a good thing to be different, to be yourself and to do what you believe in.

Yet those times were few and I wished that there would had been more of them. Of successful people not only coming to schools to share their stories, but also sharing the tools they used to achieve their success – to live life as they truly wished to live it. I promised myself, that one day when I will achieve success – I will go to schools, meet the kids and will give them what I wish I was given.

As part of my journey I am voluntarily going to schools, meeting kids, sharing my story and introducing the tools I use to be myself and to achieve my goals. In the end, we are all capable of so much more. We just sometimes need to be reminded of it.