Project Description

When I was finishing high school, in my country Lithuania there was no question if you wanted to study. You had to study. It took me a lot of courage to not give into the pressure and to decide to move to Switzerland and become a live-in Aikido, Yoga and meditation student. After three years of living in a martial arts school I came back to Lithuania, my birth city Siauliai to open my own full time Aikido, Yoga and meditation school.

While it is crazy to think of it now, I was successfully running a school of over a 100 members when I was just 22 years old.  During this time I also started teaching various seminars about meditation and the philosophy of Aikido both as public seminars and corporate workshops. It was always in my primary focus to inspire people to become a better version of themselves and to support them in their growth, at the day, using martial arts, meditation and philosophy as tools.

It took me a while though to learn that while some methods that I learned, used and taught were effective – others had various short comings that at the day I failed to question. Little did I know that starting a YouTube channel will lead me to find re-discover my path and to change my thinking entirely.