How Quitting My Dream Job Was The Best Decision I Ever Made

Who could have known that quitting my dream job will be the best decision I've ever made. Meanwhile, there are plenty of motivational gurus out there who tell everyone to pursue their dreams and to not give up no matter what. “Winners never quit and quitters never win” they say. But too many times these so-called gurus offer advice, which is rarely tested and only sounds good in a lecture, but does not work so well in practice. In this video I will tell you a story of how not only after managing to reach my dream job, I decided to quit it and [...]

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Why Winners Quit All The Time

“Winners never quit - and quitters never win” is a popular and well known proverb, believed by many. Yet is it really true that “Winners never quit”? And is it truly the best approach to never quit at all? In this video I will try to prove to you that winners actually quit all the time, and what matters even more - the importance of embracing this different mindset. The idea that winners quit all the time is well argumented in Seth Godin’s book “The Dip”, where Seth recommends not only to quit, but to do it often. Don’t get me wrong - the [...]

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