Hi, my name is Rokas. I’m on a journey of becoming a professional interpersonal coach. I seek mastery, fulfillment and balance in everything I do. If you are interested in going on a journey together – here’s what’s good to know about me as your potential coach.

Ever since I was a kid I was focused on mastery, self-discovery and fulfillment. This yearning has led me to become a live-in Aikido, yoga and meditation student for three years. After that I opened my own own full-time martial arts school which I led for seven years.

Throughout my journey I discovered the ups and downs of personal development and spirituality. I documented my story of disillusionment on a YouTube channel named Martial Arts Journey which became globally recognized and is now followed by more than 140 thousand people.

Many people tell us what is right and wrong. They hurry to give us advice. Yet I came to realize that most of the times we are capable of finding the best answers ourselves, as long as we ask the right questions. That is why I started to fall in love with interpersonal coaching.

As an interpersonal coach I am not there to give you answers. I am there to be on a journey together with you. I am there to offer you powerful questions and help in focusing on what matters to you. I am there to join you on your journey as I continue to walk my own. Because the journey to mastery, self-discovery and fulfillment is a never ending one. And it is the journey that matters and not the destination.

Alberto Burgos Narrative Therapist

Through my 50+ sessions under coaching with Rokas I experienced tremendous change in my professional and personal life. Rokas is very approachable, open and walks alongside you in your journey, never taking over but rather allowing you to write your own story. Within each session I was given guidance in where I can continue my self-development not limiting what could be accomplished during our time. As a trained therapist I noticed the quality of Rokas’s holistic approach and noted how he considered many facets of an individual’s life. I would 100% recommend Rokas.

Alberto Burgos, Narrative Therapist



What Is Interpersonal Coaching?2020-10-06T22:04:57+00:00

Interpersonal coaching is a meeting between a coach and coachee. The main goal of the sessions is to empower coachees to clarify what matters to them and offering questions and observations which lead to real action and change.  The coach is not there to give advice, suggestions or solutions. Instead the coach is qualified in giving powerful questions and offer insights which lead coachees to discovering the answers by themselves. This process solves the classic issue of:

Give a person a fish and you feed them for a day; teach a person to fish and you feed them for a lifetime

Instead of giving a fish – the coachee is taught fishing. Actually, the coachee isn’t even taught fishing. They are presented with methods to figure out fishing on their own. As we all know – we are much better at things we figure out ourselves. The coach is there to facilitate that process. As a result – this process leads to greater self-awareness, empowerment and accountability of the coachee.

Is This Some Self-Help Nonsense?2020-10-06T22:18:58+00:00

No it isn’t. Self-help gurus are quick to give you advice and claim that they know the answer. As an interpersonal coach I am quick to tell you that – I don’t know the answer. What’s the use of a coach then – you ask?

As a coach, I am trained to offer powerful questions which lead you to discovering and taking ownership of the answers yourself. This stimulates greater self-reflection, which leads to eventual independence from a coach. Meanwhile self-help gurus are interested in keeping you hooked on them as the ultimate source of truth and knowledge.

I am also trained and qualified to observe and notice things that you don’t notice yourself. I am not there to judge or to tell you what’s true or not. Instead – I point out subtle moments in what you said and how you said it. This leads to greater self awareness of your very own self and not some generalized tutorial on “how to be yourself”.

Self-help gurus are not really interested in your follow-through. They want you to pay money for their advice and then they leave you hanging with whatever happens. Meanwhile a coach is aiming to help you maintain a commitment to your self-established goals and sticks with you through the journey to encourage real action and change.

How Is It Different From Consulting Or Mentoring?2020-10-06T22:19:31+00:00

A consultant is an expert of a field who tells you exactly what he knows and how to do it. Their job is not to embrace your potential or to empower you. Their job is not meant to clarify what really matters to you or to help you fulfill it. Their job isn’t to hold you accountable to real change or action. Reverse all of these answers and instead – you’ll get a coach.

Who Is Coaching For?2020-10-06T22:20:13+00:00

Coaching is for anyone who’s interested in getting to know themselves better, understanding what’s really important to them, setting up effective goals and moving towards a better self.

What Makes Your Coaching Different?2020-10-06T22:21:02+00:00

Every coach offers a different approach to how he conducts his coaching. There are main skills, tools and guidelines, but ideally each coach has their own unique personality and style. The more suitable question is – am I the right coach for you?

My own personal style is deeply inspired by my personal experience in martial arts, yoga, meditation and the eventual disillusionment with it all. I read countless self-help and spiritual books until I realized that most of them are nothing more than personal beliefs and opinions presented as “the truth”.

Instead I began respecting critical thinking and evidence based knowledge. I question daily many things that I encounter and always seek for truth. This led me to develop a mind suitable for interpersonal coaching – a curious, open and honest mindset.

If you also value honesty, humility and objectivity – we will get along. And if you will decide to go on a journey together, I will do my best to be your coach in the most productive, thought-provoking and honest way.

Does This Have To Do Anything With Sports?2020-10-06T22:28:16+00:00

This is not “coaching” like football or MMA coaching. At the same time goal-setting and self-awareness play a huge role in sports too. It’s not only your ability to set up and follow a training regime. All sports performance is highly influenced by our mindset. Interpersonal coaching can help you put things into the right places and figure out any qualms you may be having with yourself. When you are in a good relationship with yourself – much more is possible, as much in sports, as much as in life.




Regular Price

50Per Session
  • 45 min / 1 hour

Price At The Moment

20Per Session
  • 45 min / 1 hour
You are lucky.
(As much as I am)

At the moment I am still on a journey to become a professional coach. I’ve completed my first stage of training and I’m eligible to offer coaching. But let’s be fair. I am still learning and I want my price to reflect that.

You are lucky – because right now the price is much lower.

I am lucky – because I’ll be joining more of you on a journey.

Sounds like a good deal right? Well it ain’t gonna last forever. So if you want to be one of the first people to go on a journey together with me – hit me up and we can connect for an initial free short talk to make a final decision if I’m the right coach for you.




These articles are by no means full-on coaching. Instead they are an opportunity for you to see how my brain works. This should help you see if I’m the right coach for you and to decide if you want to go on a journey together.

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