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Project Description

The Aikido vs MMA video has lead me into a quest. I realized I am missing a lot of answers that other people could offer. Thus I’ve started the “Aikido of the Future” project where I’ve interview people who already looked into the question of a functional Aikido and it’s struggles. The interviews included the well known Roy Dean of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, as well as Francisco de los Cobos and Nathanael Chawkin with whom we continue to explore this journey together.

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  1. John Chia August 13, 2018 at 11:54 am - Reply

    Hi. Just wanna say thank you so much for not leaving aikido just like that. And thanks for your uke training vids. They help me understand clearer. Yes, its philosophies are great in their own meaning. Yes, current training does not help much in functionality. Yet the concepts of engagement n disengagement are real, and similar to many functional martial arts. We have instructors who are deviating from traditional systems but the changes are not radical yet. I am no expert but I would really love to see you explore Japan’s aikido. Their set ups and off balancing are nowhere to be seen in your vids and in most aikido trainings in my country too. The system of training may be old but aikido’ s origin is as functional as any other martial. Would really love to see you grow in your martial life and it be great if you can come back to aikido to make changes. I myself also have to train in Kuntao Silat and Wing Chun to make sense in the aikido I am learning. I of course wont like to see Aikido become just a sports.

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