“Modernize Aikido Laboratory” introduction and news

“Modernize Aikido Laboratory” introduction and news

After a break from YouTube for a month I am ready to come back full force and explore the depths and trouble that traditional martial arts, including Aikido are in.
The introduction to the newest project “Modernize Aikido Laboratory” is introducing a new series where I share what others have developed in their search for effective Aikido through many years of developing this theme.
I am also going to continue publishing the regular “Modernize Aikido” videos where I was couched by various people about how to narrow the gap of Aikido’s effectiveness right after my “Aikido vs MMA” experience.
And last but not least, I will continue the “Correct Me if I Am Wrong” series, where I will vlog about my discoveries of the internal flaws of traditional martial arts (including Aikido) while also searching for solutions to remove the elitism inherent in this system, arrogance, delusion and many other issues.
Other big projects are coming soon too, yet more about them later. Right now I leave you with the video introduction to ML (Modernize Aikido Lab) and will introduce you to the first episode already next week!
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  1. Richard L February 11, 2018 at 5:12 pm - Reply

    Hey rokas

    Really admire your decision to take on the challenge of looking at modern aikido, it’s an enormous task. I set my self the same challenge about 10 years ago, if there is any think I can do to help or get involved contact me

    Happy nikkyo,s
    Richard L

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